We’re missing our football and seeing our juniors out on the football pitches. To help sharpen their footy skills while they’re at home, our Director of Junior Football – Gary Jenkins – has selected some skill videos for our juniors. 

These individual sessions aim to cover aspects that junior players can do at home, with a parent or family member and can help with their personal development.  Watch the videos and give the skills a go – 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes each session. 

The skills include:

  • Individual touches
  • Goalkeeping
  • Fast Feet

Week one:  

  • Goalkeeping skills for U13 – here
  • Improve your first touch with these skills  – here
  • Improve your speed and agility – here 

Week two: 

  • Got a wall? Move ways to improve your touch – here 
  • Goalkeeping skills for U9’s – here 
  • Learn how to get faster – start with the easier ones  – here  

Week three: 

  • Good way to improve your dribbling skills – here  
  • Goalkeeping skills for U12/U13 – here  
  • More ways to improve your agility and quickness on the ball – here   

Week four: 

  • How to Dribble like Ronaldinho – here  
  • Goalkeeper skills – here
  • The importance of speed, agility and quickness – here

Week five: 

  • How to Dribble like Mo Salah – here 
  • Goal Keeper Training with Dejan Milosevic – here 
  • Speed Ladder Drills (we all don’t have a ladder but can use socks, rope, bungee cords) – here 
  • How to kick a football with the laces – here 

Week six:

  • How to play Centre Midfield (skills required) – here
  • 100 + Goal Keeping Solo drills + home workout – here
  • Insane 4 cone drill (speed agility session) – here  

Week seven:

  • How to Score a Half Volley – here
  • Learn how to save with the feet like great Goal Keepers – here
  • Soccer Specific Speed & Agility Training – here 

I hope you are finding these useful. Some need improvising with equipment but it can be done. For the GK session it is advisable if you can get someone to watch and advise as you go through the session

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