Contact tracing is a requirement under Level 2 and information from Capital Football has been clear that we need an accurate system for tracing close contact for players, coaches, support staff and referees (COMET) and a system for tracing casual contact which includes all close contact participants and spectators (iDMe). 

Capital Football has set-up venue codes for all grounds for the use of the iDMe contact tracing system. Capital Football iDMe Ground Codes can be found on the Capital Football website under the Covid-19 information page.

iDMe creates a code for each venue where members then sign in to the venue by entering the code into their phone on the iDMe website

When you go to a game, please check the ground code for your game’s location and manually sign in using the iDMe site on arrival.

The submission of the code logs the members details including a time and date stamp to a secure data base for future reference. The time and date stamp can be adjusted so you can sign in before you leave for the venue. You can also add additional people using the same device.  For more information see iDMe

This information is held with Capital Football and/or Petone FC depending on the code for four weeks.

Coaches and managers will be required to ensure all players and close contact spectators sign in using the appropriate venue code for the ground they are playing at. 

Following any announcement next week we will update you on changes relating to a move to Level one, but in the meantime please support your coaches and managers, many of whom are volunteers, as they work to comply with these. 

The codes for Petone grounds and clubrooms are:

  • Petone Memorial Park | OWXYE
  • Petone clubrooms and gym | MVXAM
  • Sladden Park | EASGT

Manual tracing registers

All coaches can also take a manual register of players, coaching staff and close contact spectators for games and trainings. Junior/Youth coaches should email these to 

Opening of the John Bradbury Lounge – upstairs at the clubrooms

The clubrooms will be open from Saturday 6 June.

We are required to meet the Government guidelines, which at present means a maximum of 100 people at a time, there will be no standing and the balcony will be closed due to physically distancing restrictions being difficult to meet.  

If you are wanting to come up to the clubrooms, we will have tables of 10 available and ask that you book these through me via email. 

Please also nominate one person from each table as your server to get drinks and food and consider bringing cash to assist them or agree on your own IOU system. 

If opposition teams are invited up to the clubrooms, Petone team managers will need to advise them of the guidelines before they enter.